A Padgett Communications Project Manager Prepares for Any Contingency

You never know what could go wrong during a big presentation. This is especially true if you try to use the “meeting-in-a-box” option for your audience response system. Rather than take the chance that an unfamiliar ARS setup might malfunction, it makes far more sense to work directly with the ARS professionals from Padgett Communications, who have seen it all and know how to prepare for any contingency.

Before you decide whether to attempt do-it-yourself audience response system, ask yourself how you would respond to the following:

  • A hardware malfunction
  • A software glitch
  • Lost or trapped data
  • An audio problem
  • A video problem

And that just scratches the surface of the potential pitfalls. Padgett Communications sends a trained, experienced project manager directly to the site of every event we work. That person is in charge of every aspect of ARS, leaving event organizers to handle the usual big wave of last-minute tasks inherent to any meeting or conference. We set up the hardware, program the software, conduct the rehearsal, and do everything necessary to prepare for the event. We can even help you change the program on the fly, if you like. In short, we do it all, and we do it with a level of professionalism and preparedness that is unparalleled in the ARS industry. To learn more about how Padgett Communications prepares for all contingencies, contact us today.