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Frequently Asked Questions about Audience Response:

Audience response is an exciting technology that has many uses, applications and possibilities. Below you will find our audience response question systems FAQs to help answer your questions. Please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions – we are always happy to share our ARS knowledge with our customers.

Clicker Icon What is an Audience Response System?

An Audience Response System (ARS) allows groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. Each person has a wireless keypad with which selections can be made. Each keypad communicates with a computer via receivers, which captures the data.

Clicker Icon What is the best use of the Audience Response System?

This is probably our most frequently asked audience response question. The answer depends on what you want to accomplish with the system. Visit our Best Practices page to learn more about ARS and what it can do for you.

Clicker Icon Why would using an Audience Response System be beneficial?

Interactive communication immediately captures your audience’s attention and keeps them interested longer. Get feedback, create meaningful dialog and promote team building all with using audience response systems. Capture data and breakdown the responses through a myriad of reporting options.

Clicker Icon How is Audience Response incorporated into the meeting?

Padgett Communications supplies the keypads, receivers and the necessary personnel to operate ARS. Once onsite, we interface with audiovisual equipment already present, test the system and backup systems and make ourselves available for rehearsals.

Clicker Icon How many answer choices can each question have?

The number of answer choices depends on the Audience Response keypad being utilized. The Worldwide keypad allows for up to 10 answer choices.

Clicker Icon How long does it take to display the results?

After a set time – or when all participants have answered – the system captures the data and tabulates the results. Typically, the results are instantly made available for display via a bar graph.

Clicker Icon Can you provide a demonstration of the Audience Response System?

Yes, we are happy to show-off the system and its capabilities. Together, we would decide on a date that is convenient to both parties.

Clicker Icon Is the Audience Response System available for purchase?

Yes, we do sell the Audience Response System. For pricing information, please fill out a Quote Request form or call us at 888-233-4724.

Clicker Icon Do you have a vendor in my area?

Many of our competitors rely on freelance temporary labor for their on-site support staff, in order to give you the impression that they have multiple offices or locations around the country. Our offices are located in Tampa, FL; however we have probably provided our services in your area. Check out our Cities & States page to see where we’ve been. Keep in mind that if your city isn’t listed it doesn’t mean we don’t travel there.

Clicker Icon What do I need to do to get started?

Give us a call at 888-233-4724 or fill out a Quote Request form. All we need to know is how many wireless keypads you need, how many days you require the Audience Response System and where the event/meeting is taking place. Once we have that information, we will send you a proposal specific to your needs.

Do you have a question that was not addressed in our audience response systems FAQs? Please give us a call!

How Padgett Works

From boardroom strategy sessions to sales rep product knowledge, Audience Response Systems (ARS) and interactive games from Padgett Communications are the perfect tools to gather data.

Interactive communication immediately captures your audience’s attention and keeps them interested longer, giving you the powerful ability to tap into a vast amount of knowledge and opinions of the group.

Client Logos
Client Logos

"Time and time again, Padgett Communications has exceeded our expectations."

Deb Knott - Global Meeting Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb

"I would not consider any other company for my future audience response needs."

Kandus Simpson - Director, Corporate Communications, Ticketmaster®

"Quickly and easily capture valuable information."

Mark Kornegay - Chief of Staff, Microsoft® Services and IT


Padgett's Audience Response System uses the latest in interactive technology to make the system extremely user friendly and accurate. Wireless keypads allow for a seamless and clean look without reams of unsightly cable.



Smartphones vs Padgett ARS




Holding the attention of a large group of people is easy when you use audience response systems from Padgett Communications. Our handheld devices will allow your audience to engage with the presentation by answering questions and providing feedback in real time.


Audience response devices can make your next meeting or corporate event more dynamic and fun. Our systems can be used to quiz attendees on information being presented, easily collect feedback, conduct training sessions, and much more.



Audience response systems from Padgett Communications provide a fast and reliable way for audiences to participate in live or prerecorded television shows. Our devices have been used on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, and many other popular television programs.


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