Using a Padgett Audience Response System Rental for Entertaining, Interactive Games

ARS Rental GamesImplementing the game shows that are available with an audience response system rental from Padgett Communications is a great way to ensure that an event that will be remembered long after the hall or meeting room is cleared. These games are particularly effective for gathering meaningful employee feedback without boring attendees to tears with a dry, dull presentation. Why not use a game show to make your employees think and laugh, and generate a cultural buzz that won’t soon be forgotten.

Using state-of-the-art wireless keypads and secure radio frequency transmitters, Padgett’s fully customizable trade show games allow you to build your brand in an entertaining, engaging way. The audience response system rental game options from Padgett include:

  • Speed-scored trivia
  • Jeopardy
  • Casino-style bonus games
  • Team or individual questions
  • Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?
  • Other popular TV game show formats
  • Much more

When it comes to generating employee feedback that will help your organization move forward profitably and efficiently, Padgett Communications has proven its worth many times over. With an emphasis on world-class client care and a 100 percent success rate with events of all sizes all over the world since 1995, you can rely on our audience response system rental games to help you look good. Click or call today to learn more about how Padgett’s game shows can take your next event over the top.