ARS Voting SystemsARS Voting Systems from Padgett Communications Have Helped Streamline Elections around the Globe

When you choose ARS voting systems from Padgett Communications for your organization’s next election, you’ll receive much more than top-of-the-line wireless equipment. Unlike many other companies that provide do-it-yourself rentals, which may leave you vulnerable to glitches and other issues during your event, Padgett Communications offers a full-service solution. This means that, in addition to providing our state-of-the-art voting systems, we’ll send a project manager to wherever your event is being held. This individual will ensure your election goes as smoothly as possible by taking responsibility for everything from your equipment setup and software installation to performing a rehearsal and remaining on site for troubleshooting during the voting process.

What’s more, the ARS voting systems that Padgett Communications provide are highly versatile and come equipped with proprietary software that is the result of more than 20 years of continual innovation. In addition to allowing delegates to cast votes for open positions, our systems can be used to:

  • Propose changes to an organization’s procedures, policies, and bylaws, and vote for these changes on the fly.
  • Vote for newly proposed verbiage changes, including those that were created on the spot.
  • Elect multiple individuals to one open position, such as a committee or a new board of directors.

We also offer multiple keypads to choose from that have a range of functionalities, including ones with login capabilities to protect the integrity of your elections. To learn more about our ARS voting systems and the benefits of working with a team that has maintained a 100 percent success rate since 1995, contact Padgett Communications today.