Audience Participation Solutions for Meetings & Conferences Held in Berlin, Germany

Audience Participation Berlin GermanyFacilitating audience participation segments at a meeting or conference in Berlin, Germany, or anywhere else in the world can be difficult, particularly if you are an event organizer and already have many other tasks to handle and likely lack the training or expertise necessary to properly perform the job. With Padgett Communications carrying out that process instead, you can be confident that all planned audience participation portions of your event are executed perfectly.

At Padgett Communications, we assign a full-time project manager to oversee all aspects of the audience response system (ARS), including setting up the equipment, programming the software, conducting pre-event system checks, and providing professional assistance throughout your event’s audience participation segments. This approach to customer service is unparalleled in the industry, as many other ARS providers typically will hire a freelance contractor to provide assistance – if anyone at all. While our dedication to customer service has helped establish our company as an international leader in the ARS industry, so too has our perfect track record of successfully facilitating conferences and meetings in Berlin, Germany, and throughout the world. When hiring Padgett Communications, you can expect:

  • State-of-the-art handheld keypads – Our cutting-edge electronic voting systems feature top-of-the-line ARS software and are simple to operate. These devices make it easy for you to conduct interactive audience polling.
  • 100 percent reliable data – All of the ARS equipment we use is field-tested to ensure that only accurate data is produced when you invite audience participation.
  • Easy access to polling results – The data generated through our electronic voting systems are automatically stored and secured on our servers for simple access whenever you need.

To learn more about why you should work with Padgett Communications to incorporate effective audience participation at your upcoming event in Berlin, Germany, please contact us today.