Audience Polling Keypad Rentals for Organizations in Denver, CO, and Across the Globe

Audience Polling Keypad Denver COPadgett Communications is a leader in audience polling keypad rentals for organizations in Denver, Colorado, and throughout the world. Our technology is proven reliable and isn’t prone to the data loss and software freezes that are common among inferior devices and smartphone apps. Plus, we provide all of our customers with comprehensive support, differentiating us from those companies that provide “meeting-in-a-box” solutions, leaving their customers with time-consuming setup and troubleshooting tasks.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll send one of our experienced project managers to your location in Denver, CO, who will handle all equipment setup and software installation, thereby freeing you up to focus on your presentation. Your project manager will also walk you through using our equipment so you are ready during your event. And, he or she will even remain on site during your presentation to provide any last-minute changes you want or to provide troubleshooting should you require it.

When it comes to polling technology, Padgett Communications provides the most versatile and reliable systems available. We offer a range of audience polling keypad rentals, including:

  • Padgett Mini – Perfect for responding to simple prompts, such as multiple choice and yes/no questions
  • Padgett Worldwide – 13 numeric keys and three programmable “soft” keys make this keypad ideal for many different applications
  • Padgett Plus – Has a secure login feature and multi-selection capabilities, which make it the perfect option for voting
  • Padgett Ativa – The industry’s most advanced keypad that has a full color touchscreen display and QWERTY keyboard

Padgett Communications is proud to have maintained a 100 percent success rate for organizations in Denver, CO, and throughout the world since 1995. Contact us today to learn more about our audience polling keypad technology.