Audience Polling Systems From Padgett Communications

Audience polling systems from Padgett Communications allow your organization to get the absolute most out of every meeting and event. Whether it’s an annual convention with thousands of participants or an intimate get-together in a conference room, Padgett Communications can help you tap into the creative energy that flows when you get the best minds in your industry together in person.

How do we make this possible? It starts with our people. Yes, we provide the latest in hand-held keypad technology and ARS software, but what sets our audience polling systems apart is the care and attention we give to every client. Regardless of the topic and scope of your event, your personal project manager will help you decide the best way to implement our audience response system, which can be used for:

  • Surveys
  • Feedback from employees or customers
  • Training sessions
  • Planning sessions
  • Market Research
  • Sales meetings
  • Testing for new products
  • Breakout sessions
  • Much More

Call or click today for a complimentary, itemized quote for your event. The ARS professionals from Padgett Communications have proven our worth time and again since we entered the field in 1995. Bring us aboard, and experience the highest standards of customer service and value in the ARS industry.