Interested in Renting an Audience Voting System for an Upcoming Meeting or Event? Padgett Communications Has You Covered

Audience Voting SystemIf you’d like to rent an audience voting system to help streamline an upcoming meeting, event, or conference while simultaneously keeping the attention of all attendees, remember the name Padgett Communications. Since 1995, we have been experts in the audience voting industry, and we proudly supply businesses and organizations across the globe with the finest systems for their needs.

Once you’ve decided to rent an audience voting system from Padgett Communications, you’ll just need to decide from one of the four distinct wireless keypad options that we have to offer. Our selection includes:

  • Padgett Mini – Small and simple, these keypads are designed specifically for when you plan to pose basic, multiple-choice questions to the attendees of your event.
  • Padgett Plus – Larger than our Padgett Mini, these keypads are capable of helping your event attendees respond to more in-depth questions, thanks in large part to multi-digit functionality and login capacities.
  • Padgett Worldwide – Very similar to our Padgett Plus option, these handheld wireless clickers come in a more user-friendly, ergonomic design and also feature a full-color display.
  • Padgett Ativa – With touch screens, complete keyboards, and full-color displays, these dynamic handheld clickers are perfectly suited for helping your event attendees respond in unique fashion to virtually any open-ended questions you can think up.

For further information in regard to the array of audience voting system rental equipment from Padgett Communications, please contact us today. Whether you’re after only a few audience voting keypads or enough to supply thousands of attendees to your event, our team will help you find the best options for your needs. And, before you rent from us, we’ll prepare an itemized quote, so you’ll know precisely how much everything will cost before the rental is made final.