Conference Voting Solutions and Full-Service Support from Padgett Communications

Conference VotingA conference voting system from Padgett Communications will streamline your election process and ensure results are accurate. Our handheld voting devices deliver immediate results and, unlike traditional methods, aren’t subject to human error. Plus, our systems are more advanced than “meeting in a box” or do-it-yourself solutions, which are subject to software freezes, data loss, and other problems that can easily disrupt your event.

From the moment you contact Padgett Communications, you’ll receive first-class service. We will:

  • Create a custom conference voting solution based on your specific needs and provide you with a complete price quote with no hidden charges
  • Develop presentations for your event that include graphic, audio, and video elements
  • Send a project manager to your location who will set up your equipment, install all necessary software, and troubleshoot any complications during your election
  • Securely archive data from your event and make it easy for you to access and analyze it later

Another benefit of turning to Padgett Communications is the versatility of our conference voting solutions. For example, we import lists with each delegates’ specific voting weights as well as provide devices with login features to secure your election, or multi-selection capabilities to simplify complex voting tasks. The reliability and flexibility of our technology is evidenced by the fact that we’ve served organizations ranging from research and technology firms to professional associations since 1995, and have maintained a 100 percent success rate throughout that time.

To learn more about the conference voting solutions that we provide to organizations around the globe, contact Padgett Communications today.