Electronic Voting Software & Systems for Rent from Padgett Communications

Electronic Voting SoftwarePadgett Communications is the trusted source for electronic voting software and equipment rentals. Regardless of where your company is in the world or how many people make up your team, Padgett is here to serve you. We understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to organize and oversee an election. However, we’ve spent the better part of the past 20 years developing solutions and honing our software to better serve the needs of our clients, allowing us to making running elections simpler for all.

The electronic voting software that we rent was developed in-house by our team, and has been modified over the years to stay on the forefront of the latest technology. Today, this innovative software can be utilized to help your organization:

  • Elect a single person to a single position, such as a new treasurer or secretary
  • Elect multiple people to a single position, such as members of a committee or team within your organization
  • Make changes to existing procedures, policies, and bylaws
  • Present motions, which can either be approved or denied, that, if approved, can be modified on the fly without the need to reconvene when new verbiage is drafted

For more information about the electronic voting software and systems we proudly rent to organizations all across the world to help them achieve better elections and more accurate results, please contact Padgett Communications today. When you do, we’ll gladly prepare a fully itemized quote for your rental, letting you know, to the penny, how much everything will cost.