Innovative Evoting Software from Padgett Communications Can Help to Simplify the Election Process

Evoting SoftwarePadgett Communications is pleased to rent some of the most advanced evoting software on the market. We have spent the better part of 20 years developing and redeveloping our own line of software, and we strive to stay at the forefront of the industry with software that allows for ease of use, dynamic engagement, and accurate results. Our signature evoting software can be used to complete a variety of different election-related tasks, including:

  • Electing a single individual to an open position, such as a new chairperson or treasurer
  • Electing multiple individuals to a single open position, such as new members of a committee or a new board of directors
  • Proposing changes in verbiage to existing bylaws, policies, and procedures, with real-time review of the proposed changes
  • Voting on verbiage changes and recording changes on the fly with majority votes, all without having to reconvene and vote again after new language has been drafted.

Furthermore, our evoting software can be utilized to give certain members of your company or organization more voting power than others. So, if you think that specific members of your firm should have more of a say on the issues at hand than others, we can arrange for their votes to be weighted more heavily.

To gather additional information about the evoting software available from Padgett Communications and how it can significantly improve the processes of any type of election, please contact us today. We’ll happily guide you through the selection and rental processes, and our team will also be pleased to answer any questions that you have about our rental equipment.