Why Meeting Planners Prefer Padgett Communications

Padgett Communications knows that meeting planners have enough on their plates without having to fret about whether the audience response system (ARS) they’ve selected will work as intended. What if the hardware fails? What if the software crashes? What if the sound system generates ear-splitting feedback? Unthinkable, but possible if proper care is not exercised in selecting the right ARS provider.

And if any of these failures occur, care to guess who takes the blame? That’s right: meeting planners. On the other hand, with Padgett Communications by your side, you’re guaranteed to make your speakers look great, sound great, and leave a great impression with meeting attendees.

How has Padgett Communications achieved a 100 percent success rate with more than 10,000 meetings worldwide since 1995? Mainly, it’s our total commitment to world-class customer service. Couple that with our unrivaled ARS expertise, and you’ll quickly discover what sets us apart.

When it comes time to decide on an ARS provider, ask the following questions:

  • Do you use a trained, dependable, full-time staff with on-site support?
  • Do you use 100 percent reliable, user-friendly, field-tested equipment?
  • Are all my charges listed on the event quote?
  • Do you have experience working with my particular industry?
  • Can you provide names of recognizable, reputable clients who have been completely satisfied with past events?

Padgett Communications can proudly answer “yes” to all of these questions. Call or click today to find out why so many meeting planners worldwide prefer us as their ARS provider.