Reliable, Useful Outcomes Measurement With Padgett Communications

No matter how large or small your event, a reliable audience response system (ARS) from Padgett Communications will aid your outcomes measurement efforts in ways you might never have imagined. Using state-of-the-art wireless touchpad and keypad devices, every parcel of information you gather during the course of your meeting is instantly archived and formatted, then stored on a secure Padgett server for later use at any time.

How you gather that information, and how it is instantly displayed for your audience, is entirely up to you. Padgett offers a wide variety of ways for the presenter and attendees to interact, including:

  • Game show formats
  • True and false questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Survey questions
  • Demographic questions
  • Much more

And because a Padgett Communications employee serves as your on-site project manager, you are free to focus on other priorities while we handle every aspect of your ARS, including rehearsal, setup, software programming, and even on-the-fly adjustments during the presentation. For more information about how ARS from Padgett Communications can help you produce unprecedented efficiency and depth with your outcomes measurement efforts, click or call today.