Looking for a Rental of an ARS System for an Upcoming Event? Turn to Padgett Communications

Rental ARS SystemAs you look around for an ARS system rental companies, be sure to keep the name Padgett Communications at the top of your list. We started out as a pioneer in the ARS business back in 1995, and we’ve stayed up to date with all the latest technology in the many years since. Today, we’re proud to offer a variety of state-of-the-art audience response systems, and seek to help companies across the globe turn meetings, conferences, and events into more engaging, fun, and inspired times for all involved.

Unlike other ARS system rental companies out there who will just send you the ARS equipment and leave you on your own to figure everything out, we believe in serving our customers in a much different manner. In fact, when you choose Padgett Communications for your ARS rental, we will:

  • Set up all of the ARS equipment and install all pertinent software on-site
  • Configure all displays, projectors, and video boards in a manner that will make it easy for all attendees to have a clear view of what is going on
  • Send along one of our dedicated project managers to complete everything for you, address any concerns, and provide a pre-event walkthrough to ensure you’re ready for the show
  • Stand by you during the event for added confidence and to quickly troubleshoot anything that may go wrong

For more information regarding an ARS system rental from Padgett Communications anywhere in the world, please contact us today. We’ll assist you through every step of the rental process and provide you with a completely itemized quote that will address each and every one of your rental needs.