Padgett Communications Can Facilitate a Secure Electronic Election for Your Organization

Secure Electronic ElectionIf you’re looking to hold a secure electronic election at your organization, then do-it-yourself solutions are not ideal. In addition to leaving your organization vulnerable to software glitches and other issues during the voting process, the security of these options are typically lacking and may lead to inaccurate results.

When you turn to Padgett Communications for voting systems, you can rest assured that our equipment will have none of the vulnerabilities that meeting-in-a-box options have. Our versatile devices have proprietary software that is the result of more than 20 years of consistent innovation, which will help you hold a secure electronic election. Depending on your needs, our devices can:

  • Feature secure logins to account for each delegate’s vote during the election
  • Be programmed to assign specific voting weights to different delegates
  • Be used for complex voting applications, such as voting numerous individuals into a multi-seated position or proposing changes to an organization’s policies
  • And more

Our innovative voting equipment is only one of the ways we ensure your election is completely secure. As a full-service audience response systems company, Padgett Communications will send a project manager to your location who will set up your devices, install the necessary software, and prepare for any contingency. This includes remaining on site during your election and troubleshooting any issues should they arise. Having maintained a 100 percent success rate since 1995, we’ve earned a reputation for being among the industry’s most reliable and secure voting solutions.

To ensure a secure electronic election, turn to the company that is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, professionals associations, syndicated television shows, and many other industries worldwide – Padgett Communications. To learn more, contact us today.