Voting Keypad Rentals from Padgett Communications Can Help Make Elections Simpler & More Efficient

Voting KeypadWhen you want to rent voting keypad systems to run an upcoming election within your organization in a smoother fashion, consider renting the equipment you need to make it happen from Padgett Communications. Not only will you receive the finest voting keypad systems and audience response election software when you choose to rent from Padgett Communications, but you’ll also benefit from having one of our personal project managers by your side throughout the election. This person will be responsible for:

  • Setting up the voting keypad systems and ensuring that our technology works properly with all visual displays at your venue
  • Installing our proprietary software and checking to make sure that it can be utilized in the capacity in which you plan to utilize it
  • Walking you through how our equipment and software are used in a pre-election walkthrough, which will also boost your confidence to run a successful election
  • Standing by you throughout the duration of the election to ensure that everything goes just as it should and to troubleshoot any complications on the fly

For more information in regard to renting a voting keypad system from Padgett Communications the next time your organization holds an election, please contact us today. Our team will be here to answer any questions you have about our voting keypads, and we’ll also provide you with a fully itemized quote for your rental, so you can know precisely how much everything will cost before you choose to rent.