Wireless Voting Equipment and Support Services Provided by Padgett Communications

Wireless Voting EquipmentIf you’d like to rent wireless voting equipment for an upcoming election at your organization, turn to the company that provides a comprehensive solution – Padgett Communications. We’ve been serving organizations of all sizes since 1995, and are proud to maintain a 100 percent success rate. This is because we provide fully customized services and support to ensure each of our customer’s elections go smoothly. For example, when you choose us, you’ll receive service from an onsite project manager who will perform all of the necessary equipment setup and software installation, as well as walk you through the use of our systems and remain onsite for troubleshooting during your election.

In addition to reliability, Padgett Communications wireless voting equipment is more versatile than comparable systems offered by our competitors. We offer four distinct keypads with different functionalities and our services come with unlimited programing, so you can be sure our equipment will perfectly suit your needs. Our fully customized services include:

  • Wireless keypads with secure logins to ensure the integrity of election results
  • The creation of a roster that assigns a weight to each delegate’s vote
  • Wireless systems with multi-selection capabilities, making it easy to hold elections for multi-seated offices

So, whether you require wireless voting systems to perform a simple election, such as voting for a new president of your organization, or for more complex tasks, such as making changes to your organization’s policies, Padgett Communications can meet your needs.

To learn more about our wireless voting equipment, contact Padgett Communications today. One of our friendly associates will discuss your needs and provide you with a complete quote that includes all of the equipment and services you’ll receive.