Wireless Voting Solutions from Padgett Communications for Organizations Around the World

Padgett Communications’ wireless voting systems are the ideal solution for organizations of all sizes looking to make their elections more accurate and efficient. Unlike paper ballots, electronic voting results are reliable and generated instantly. And, there’s none of the potential headaches, such as software freezes and data loss, that can occur with do-it-yourself systems because Padgett Communications provides comprehensive support.

One way that we ensure your election goes off without a hitch is by sending a dedicated project manager to your location who will take responsibility for setting up your wireless voting equipment and installing all necessary software. He or she will also prepare for any contingency and remain onsite to troubleshoot problems and to make any last-minute changes you may require.

Another way that we make the election process simpler and more efficient is by providing top-of-the-line wireless voting devices with the versatility to meet your unique needs. For example, our systems can be used to:

  • Quickly respond to yes-or-no questions and propositions
  • Elect a single person to an open position, such as a new vice president of your organization
  • Elect more than one person to a multi-seated office, such as members of a board of directors
  • Propose amendments to procedures, byways, and policies, and, in the event of a yes vote, make verbiage changes on the spot

Our full-service approach combined with our use of leading-edge wireless voting technologies has helped us maintain a 100 percent success rate at events around the world since 1995. To learn more about our service, contact Padgett Communications today.