Rent a Wireless Voting System from Padgett Communications and Receive Comprehensive Service

Wireless Voting SystemRenting a wireless voting system may seem like a good idea to organizations who want to avoid the hassle of traditional election methods, such as paper ballots. However, what is meant to streamline your election can quickly become a hindrance if you don’t choose the right company to provide your equipment. At Padgett Communications, we are proud to have a 100 percent success rate in facilitating elections and other events that require wireless handheld systems. This is partly thanks to the fact that we utilize leading-edge technology and software. However, our full-service approach is what truly differentiates us from the competition.

When you choose Padgett Communications to provide a wireless voting system, one of our experienced project managers will travel to your site to:

  • Set up your equipment and install all of the necessary software
  • Configure your monitors and other displays to ensure they are easily viewable by all of your delegates
  • Perform a rehearsal so you are familiar with our equipment before the election
  • Remain onsite during your election for troubleshooting and making changes on the fly

Furthermore, Padgett Communications’ voting keypads can be configured to your specific needs. For example, we have devices that have secure login functionality to protect the integrity of your election results, keypads with multi-selection capabilities for elections that involve multiple open seats, and much more. We can even import or create a list of your delegates with specific voting weights.

To learn more about the benefits of renting a wireless voting system from Padgett Communications, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your unique requirements and to put together an itemized quote that includes all of the products and services we’ll provide.