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Audience Polling System

Audience Polling SystemAn audience polling system from Padgett Communications allows you and your organization to maximize the feedback you receive from attendees at meetings, focus groups, and big events. Since 1995, Padgett has helped event coordinators and meeting planners around the world tap into the creative energy that flows when you gather minds and opinions under one roof and start a meaningful give and take. Our audience response system (ARS) options are as varied as our clients’ requirements. No matter what you are looking for in terms of ARS, we can make it happen.

The audience polling system we provide for your organization’s meeting or large event can be used to:

What makes Padgett Communications the reliable audience polling system provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies, Oprah Winfrey’s vast lineup of syndicated TV shows, and many other prominent organizations and groups is the exemplary customer service we provide. From the moment you make your first phone call or send your first electronic communication to us, we dedicate a full-time, Padgett-employed project manager to your account. That Padgett employee (never a freelance contractor) will help you decide from among our many ARS features, provide a full-itemized quote, and answer all of your pre-event questions. In addition, your project manager will travel to your event or meeting site and coordinate setup, rehearsal, data storage management, in-event changes on the fly, and everything having to do with your event’s ARS. Padgett handles it all for you, leaving you to focus on the big picture or put out other fires as the event approaches.

To learn more about the professional, in-person attention you get from Padgett Communications when you hire us to implement the audience polling system for your next meeting or event, click or call today.



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Professional Grade Keypads

Reliable and versatile ARS voting solutions to fit any meeting's budget.

We do the heavy lifting

Our onsite Project Manager will design and operate the ARS portion of your event.

Take a look

Click here to get some ideas for onsite graphics and charts.

Try it yourself

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  • General & Breakout Sessions
  • Sales & Corporate Conferences
  • Elections
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Team Building
  • Education & Training
  • Focus Groups
  • Product Launches
  • Tradeshow Exhibits


  • Maintain audience engagement & involvement
  • Quickly build consensus
  • Streamline data compilation & archiving
  • Present poll results instantly
  • Illustrate complex concepts simply
  • Instantly archive compiled data for future access
  • Conduct fast, accurate, anonymous voting
  • Make instant demographic comparisons
  • Gather marketing information


  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical, & Health Associations
  • Production and A/V Companies
  • Professional Associations
  • Auto Makers & Transportation Companies
  • Syndicated Television Shows & Networks
  • Banking, Accounting, & Investment Firms
  • Energy Companies
  • Research & Technology Firms

How does it work? Watch our videos

Competitive Team Building

Interactive audience response game shows can test a group on current and future products, company history, or important events. The game show format, while promoting team building, can also assess information retention and understanding.
Questions can each be assigned a specific point value to keep score. A countdown clock set to lively music will keep the flow of your game moving and audience members engaged as responses are collected. Track individual scores or create teams by table, department, or a demographic of your choice with our interactive audience response games.
An interactive game show format makes even the most mundane questions fun to answer - plus it seamlessly tracks all responses so you can document who knows what when. Padgett can design game board screens using your organization's colors and logos, and we can also create games based on popular television shows

TV's biggest names rely on Padgett

Check out Padgett's Audience Response System as seen on these national TV shows. TV producers know to avoid unreliable apps and low dough solutions when their professional reputations are on the line. That's why Padgett only uses professional grade gear and seasoned project managers. From backstage to ballroom, we've got you covered.

Padgett Gadgett on Oprah Padgett Gadgett on Oprah
Padgett Gadgett on Dr. Phil Padgett Gadgett on Dr. Phil
Padgett Gadgett on Dr. Drew Padgett Gadgett on Dr. Drew
Padgett Gadgett on The Doctors Padgett Gadgett on The Doctors
Padgett Gadgett on Anderson Cooper Padgett Gadgett on Anderson Cooper
Padgett Gadgett on Nate Berkus Padgett Gadgett on Nate Berkus

Padgett ARS


D.I.Y. Smart Phones ARS

Which device will win the highest audience cooperation rate?

Your Meeting. Our Support.

Why should you choose Padgett Communications to create an audience response program for your next event?

Because we understand what you have riding on the success of your meeting, and we are the only ARS Company that has the caliber of staff, support, and technology that your event demands.

It's why many of the biggest companies in the world rely on Padgett Communications to capture all of their meetings and election data.

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