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Audience Response SystemAny run-of-the-mill audience response system (ARS) company can ship you a box of keypads and a set of instructions, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will be able to implement the equipment into your event seamlessly. Keypads can fail, software can crash, and a host of other issues can arise that can cause severe disruptions in your event and make the entire thing a waste of time. How can you know for sure that your event will go off without a hitch? The answer is simple: by partnering with industry-leader ARS provider Padgett Communications.

When you rent an audience response system from Padgett Communications, you get:

  • A full-time project manager, trained and employed by Padgett Communications, to work on-site and oversee all aspects of ARS service, including equipment setup, coordination, and troubleshooting
  • Pre-event planning sessions to determine which of our many meeting applications can best serve your needs
  • State-of-the-art, user-friendly handheld keypads that are field-tested to ensure reliability
  • Instant archiving and permanent storage of data for easy access in the future

Since our founding in 1995, Padgett Communications has achieved a 100 percent success rate while providing ARS service at meetings, conferences, and events across a wide range of industries. We have been able to maintain this flawless run by continually providing efficient, professional collaboration from an event’s beginning through its end.

To learn more about why you should choose Padgett Communications when you need to rent an audience response system, please contact us today. We provide ARS services in cities all over the world.