ARS System Rentals Available for Events of All Sizes in Cities Throughout the World

ARS SystemMost companies that provide ARS system rentals will simply send you a box of devices and a set of instructions, and expect you to figure out the rest. However, at Padgett Communications, providing a reliable audience response system (ARS) is only a part of what we do. When you rent our equipment, you’ll receive comprehensive support from a dedicated project manager who will be on-site throughout the entirety of your event.

What are the advantages of having a project manager provide you with customized service? First and foremost, it will ensure your equipment functions properly. You can rest assured that you won’t encounter any technical difficulties during your presentations. That’s because we handle everything for you, including:

  • ARS system setup
  • Software installation
  • Data measurement and display systems setup
  • Pre-event rehearsal to test the reliability of each device
  • Making on-the-fly changes if they are needed

Our above-and-beyond approach to customer service has been an integral part of our philosophy since our founding in 1995. And, since that time, we’ve provided ARS system rentals to thousands of events with a 100 percent success rate. So whether you require audience response technology for a corporate retreat, training session, classroom learning, or virtually any other application, our ARS rental service is the ideal solution.

If you would like to learn more about the ARS system rentals available from Padgett Communications, contact us today. We are proud to serve businesses large and small in cities all over the world.