ARS Systems Available to Rent for Conferences & Events in Cities Worldwide

ARS SystemsIf you’re looking to incorporate an audience response system (ARS) at your upcoming event, then turn to the industry leaders at Padgett Communications. We rent ARS systems for use at conferences, meetings, and in a variety of other settings, and we provide reliable, state-of-the-art handheld keypads and software. Utilizing our ARS equipment can help you perform a seamless presentation and gather a ton of useful feedback from your audience members. With our technology, you can generate real-time answers from an audience at any time, and have that information quickly archived, displayed, and transferred into Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and/or PDFs, allowing for easy viewing and analysis. And, you can be confident in the data that you will receive, as we have maintained a 100 percent success rate at events where our ARS systems have been used.

When renting one of our ARS systems, you will also benefit from the personalized attention that we provide to our clients. While some ARS companies will simply hand you the equipment and a set of instructions, leaving it up to you to proceed on your own, at Padgett Communications we work alongside you for the duration of your event. We’ll assign you a project manager, a full-time employee with our company who has intricate knowledge of our ARS systems. This person will oversee all aspects of our ARS service, providing professional collaboration from start to finish, and help ensure every moment in your event that incorporates audience feedback goes as planned.

Contact Padgett Communications today to learn more about our ARS systems, and how we have established ourselves as a leader in the audience response industry. We will gladly provide you with a complimentary, itemized quote that outlines all costs and everything involved with our ARS service.