Padgett Ativa Specifications


Technical Specifications for Wireless Keypad Model WRS8200

Our most advanced keypad, the Reply Ativa features a full color, customizable LCD touch screen. A full color display allows question and multiple choice answer options to be displayed on screen. Full alphanumeric input capability by onscreen QWERTY keyboard allows for for SMS-style texting. An onscreen slider provides moment-by-moment response capability. Touch-surface input by finger or stylus and offline operation allows for self-paced response capability.
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Technical Specifications

User Identification

  • Each keypad has a unique device serial number.
    Serial numbers are permanent and set at manufacturing.
  • Each keypad also has an RF device identity (“address”) that
    is automatically assigned by the Base Station.
  • Serial number identification is transmitted with each
    keypad’s response.
  • Chip card.


  • High-impact plastic, sleek compact design.
  • Dimensions: 2.83 in W x 4.33 in H x 1 in D (72 mm x 110
    mm x 19 mm).
  • Weight: Approx. 5 oz (140 grams) with installed battery
  • Color: Glossy black top, black textured bottom.

User Input

  • 15 keys. Ten numeric keys for entering multiple choice responses. Three “soft” keys available for special use. “Asterisk” and “Clear” keys provide extra functions.
  • Entries can be “speed scored” to 0.05 second (50 millisecond) resolution to identify group response sequence (“fastest finger”) during competitive events.
  • Soft key functions vary according to keypad design:
    • CRS5200-E: Low / medium / high values are indicated in the display.
    • CRS5200-M: Same as CRS5200-E but can also support custom key designs (i.e., yes / no / abs.)


  • 65,000 color 3.2 inch QVGA backlighted LCD displays all user interface information and system diagnostics. LCD is able
    to display:

    • Question information and response input buttons / areas.
    • Logos and images with each question or as a background.
    • Polling results after a polling question.
    • Customizable power-up “splash” screen.
    • Status icons indicate battery level, login status, RF link activity and signal strength, message status, menu access,
      presenter notification (Alert).
  • Red/green LED shows charging status.

RF Technology

  • Two-way RF keypad uses eligible license-free / license-exempt frequencies to:
    • Communicate key presses to the Base Station.
    • Receive control information and messages from the Base Station.
    • Acknowledge keypad transmissions. [Note: Response acknowledgment is one of several advantageous features found
      in products using patented technology.]
  • Employs Fleetwood-engineered 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers.
    • FHSS offers excellent range, immunity to interference, and signal security.
    • Integrated Wi-Fi avoidance feature improves performance in high density wireless environments.
  • Patented and proprietary radio protocol.
    • Creates a secure communications network between keypads and their associated Base Station.
    • Permits systems to operate reliably in the presence of other RF devices (WLANs, PDAs, phones, etc.).
    • Integrated error checking discriminates system signals from all other RF traffic to ensure data accuracy and
      enhance security.
  • 31 RF Base Station identifiers are available to provide installation flexibility and system expandability.
  • Internal antenna is protected by the keypad enclosure.


  • Programmable RF Power Level offers long range operation and flexibility in installation.
  • Power output is selectable by software. Designed to operate in an indoor area up to 650 ft x 650 ft (200 m x 200 m) atmaximum RF power level. (See Base Station specs.)
    • A room’s geometry, radio propagation characteristics, and proximity to.


  • Polling rate is 100 keypads per 500 ms.
    • Multiple base stations may poll simultaneously, permitting collection of up to 15,500 keypads in 3 seconds.
  • Time stamping can identify the speed and sequence of each keypad response.

Power and Power Management


  • Powered by 1300mAh Lithium Polymer battery (included).
  • Battery life is 16 hours typical usage or battery shelf life, whichever comes first.
  • Charge using charge rack unit
  • Battery level is indicated on LCD. Also, keypad transmits
    battery level to the Base Station..


  • A proprietary response verification protocol integral to the radio design provides a high degree of signal security.
  • Frequency hopping and proprietary data communications are additional deterrents to clandestine interception.
  • Audible keypad return reminder and Ping (Keypad Find) function.


  • Firmware resides in high performance microprocessor chip that can be reprogrammed via the USB link to facilitate easy
    in-field upgrade during the life of the product.
  • Adding keypads to an existing system only requires them to join to the base identity of the Base Station, up to the
    base limit.

Compliance and Patents

  • Call for details regarding these and other regulatory certifications: FCC , IC , CE .
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 5,724,357; 6,021,119; 6,665,000. European Patent No. EP 0 697 773. Other U.S. and foreign patents
    and patents pending.


  • 1 YEAR (limited warranty, factory parts and labor.) Call for details.

System Configuration

A basic Ativa system consists of…

  • One Ativa Wireless Keypad per participant
  • One Ativa Base Station per 500 keypads
  • One copy of value-added application software.
  • Keypad recharging rack

Optional accessories (purchased separately) include carrycases for keypads and base stations, and power over ethernet devices for remote base station placement. Training, on-site technical support, and similar “for fee” services are also extra..

Additional System Components & Accessories

Base Station Model WS971-A

  • Base Station in miniature USB Stick styling that communicates with Ativa keypads.
  • Controlled by application software* (purchased separately).
  • Dimensions: 3.1″ L x .9″ W x .57″ H.
  • RF Type: Proprietary FHSS (spread spectrum, frequency hopping). Creates a secure network with keypads and offers immunity to interference. 4 programmable RF power level settings provide regulatory compliance and installation
    flexibility. 7 programmable WiFi avoidance settings offer enhanced performance in high density RF environments.
  • Capacity: 500 keypads per RF Base Station identifier. 31 RF Base Station identifiers allow 15,500 pads per room.
  • Speed: Default setting is 200 keypads per second. Polling rates as fast as one-half second are possible with smaller groups (ex. 100). Multiple Base Stations may poll simultaneously to collect responses from up to 15,500 keypads in 3 seconds.
  • Connections: Attaches to the operator’s PC by USB.
  • Primary Power Source: USB. Current draw 70-130 mA. Ativa Base Station Model WRS970-
  • A compact and programmable interface to your PC that communicates with Ativa keypads.
  • Controlled by application software* (purchased separately).
  • Size: 6.3 in x 2.3 in x 5 in (159 mm x 57 mm x 126 mm).
  • Display: LCD for viewing RF identity and diagnostics.
  • RF Type: 5 RF power level settings. including maximum range.
  • Connections: Ethernet in addition to USB.
  • Alternate Power Source: POE (“Power Over Ethernet”) using midspan power injector. Call for details. Reminder: Base stations do not include accessories such as software* and carry-cases. These items are priced separately.

Modular Carrycases

Several Models Available

  • Wide variety available, ranging from compact ballistic nylon bags to ruggedized shipping cases with perimeter clasps.
  • Keypads and Base Stations purchased separately.
  • Refer to Accessories Price Sheet for additional details.

Application Software

  • Base Station requires application software to operate system.
  • Multiple titles are available to conduct surveys, delegate voting, group decision making, market research, classroom
    learning, and other advanced applications.
  • Contact your reseller for specifications and pricing of the application software they offer with Reply® systems..

All specifications and suggested resale prices are subject to change without notice.