User-Friendly Audience Keypad System Devices Available from Padgett Communications

Audience Keypad SystemHaving a user-friendly audience keypad system in place for members of your event to use during participatory segments of your meeting is imperative to help you receive accurate, reliable data. The last thing you want when asking a question is to have your audience stumble while trying to use the device. It could lead to an inadvertent selection, or worse, no selection at all, as having trouble providing answers with a poorly designed audience keypad system could prompt audience members to avoid dealing with the equipment as you move forward with your presentation. At Padgett Communications, we incorporate easy-to-use handheld remotes in our audience response system service package. We offer audience polling devices in a variety of sizes, and all combine ease of use with versatile programmability.

What’s more, when choosing Padgett Communications as the ARS service provider for your event, you will benefit from on-site management by a full-time Padgett Communications employee. This project manager will work with you side by side, so you will have a highly trained professional who will handle the ARS equipment setup and troubleshooting. Other reasons to choose us for ARS service include:

  • We have a proven track record, with a 100 percent success rate for providing accurate data
  • We’ve provided ARS service for meetings and conferences held in cities all around the world
  • Thanks to our state-of-the-art ARS equipment, you will receive instant archiving and permanent, secure storage of your data for easy access in the future

Contact Padgett Communications today to receive a complimentary, detailed quote for our ARS service, and learn more about why it’s necessary to have a user-friendly audience keypad system in place at your next event.