Audience Participation Technology Makes Events and Meetings More Fun and Engaging

Audience Participation TechnologyPadgett Communications is proud to provide audience participation technology to organizations of all sizes around the globe. We offer a wide variety of devices ranging from simple clickers that are ideal for responding to multiple choice questions to advanced keypads with multi-selection capabilities that can tackle even the most complex, large group voting tasks. What’s more, we can program our devices according to your needs, so whether you require a system to collect feedback from participants at a tradeshow, facilitate training sessions, conduct focus groups, or any other application, we have you covered.

When you turn to Padgett Communications for audience participation technology, we won’t simply provide you with a box of response devices and instructions like many other companies. Rather we’ll provide comprehensive service and support. For example, we can help you create polished presentations that incorporate audio, graphic, and visual elements. We’ll also send a dedicated project manager to wherever you are holding your event who will take responsibility for:

  • Setting up your equipment and installing all necessary software
  • Configuring your displays to ensure they work with our equipment and can be easily viewed by your audience
  • Facilitating a pre-event rehearsal to familiarize you with the use of our equipment
  • Providing any troubleshooting or last minute changes that you require during your event

Since 1995, we have served organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to sororities, and, thanks to our unrivaled commitment to providing outstanding technology and service, have maintained a 100 percent success rate.

For more information about the audience participation technology that we provide to organizations across the globe, contact Padgett Communications today.