Audience Polling Devices From Padgett Communications

Audience polling transforms a routine meeting or conference into a productive, interactive experience. An audience response system (ARS) from Padgett Communications can eliminate any uncertainty as to whether the message was received and understood. Grab your audience’s attention with an interactive game show. Challenge conventional wisdom with insightful, consensus-building poll questions.

Audience PollingTurn an otherwise-mundane training session into a truly educational event.

The ARS experts from Padgett Communications work closely with meeting planners to determine how best to implement interactive audience polling solutions. The possibilities are boundless, including:

  • Audience surveys
  • Employee feedback
  • Sales meetings
  • Focus groups
  • New product testing
  • General breakout sessions
  • Team building
  • Education and training
  • Strategic planning
  • Much more

We know you have choices when it comes to ARS providers, which is why Padgett Communications is proud to provide the best customer service in the industry. We have achieved a 100 percent success rate coordinating thousands of events, big and small, since entering the ARS field in 1995. Padgett’s audience polling technology combines the simplicity of a handheld keypad with the clarity and versatility of high-quality audio, video, and graphic presentations to provide instant feedback. Conducting business as a group has never been more efficient and informative.

Call or click today to learn more about the exciting, innovative ways to use a Padgett Communications audience polling system to get the most out of your conference or meeting. We’ll gladly provide a free, itemized quote for your event.