Expert Audience Polling Software Programming and On-site Setup

Audience Polling Software ProgrammingThe audience response system (ARS) from Padgett Communications featuring advanced audience response software helps event and meeting planners plan a productive, meaningful give-and-take between event attendees and the presenter. Best of all, an event planner will never need to worry about the details of ARS preparation or setup, because a specially assigned project manager from Padgett will be in attendance to handle everything.

Your project manager will program and prepare the audience polling software, which is connected to customizable hand-held wireless devices that allow for a wide range of inputs and responses. The data can be compiled using a wide selection of question and answer formats, including true-false, either-or, multiple choice, and much more. You can also gather demographic information and product comparison information, build consensus through interactive voting, or liven up the event with an interactive game show.

Plus, our audience polling software instantly compiles and archives audience data on our secure server. So, say goodbye forever to the time-consuming and grueling process of analyzing handwritten feedback surveys. You’ll never have to wait days or weeks for important data, which is securely stored for easy access later. That data also can be presented instantly for the audience, if desired, using the following visual display options:

  • Percentages
  • Raw data
  • Pie graphs
  • Horizontal and vertical bar charts
  • Individual and team rankings
  • Comparison charts
  • X-Y mapping
  • Much more

Along with state-of-the-art audience polling software and keypad devices, Padgett Communications provides the most conscientious client services in the ARS industry. We are fully invested in every event from start to finish. Call or click today for a completely itemized, complimentary quote for our ARS services at your next event, meeting, or focus group.