Don’t rely on a Freelance Contractor to Operate Your Audience Polling System

Audience Polling SystemAn audience polling system offered by Padgett Communications is proven to help conference and meeting planners enrich and enliven any event, big or small. The most important factor in our success as an elite audience response system (ARS) provider is our commitment to hands-on implementation and on-site management. When you hire Padgett for your next event, a dedicated project manager − not a freelance contractor − will travel to your event site and make sure everything goes smoothly.

The hallmarks of our audience polling system services are world-class client care, efficient collaboration, and gold-standard technology. Our services are ideal for:

  • Surveys
  • Delegate voting
  • Group decision making
  • Market research
  • Classroom learning
  • Interactive “game shows”
  • Other advanced applications

Since 1995, Padgett Communications has been successful 100 percent of the time implementing our audience polling system at thousands of events around the world. Other cut-rate ARS providers might send you a box of clickers, a copy of the software, a page of instructions, and not much else. In contrast, Padgett Communications is fully invested in every project, from start to finish. We always provide reliable, state-of-the-art, user-friendly audience polling devices and a full-time project manager, trained and employed by Padgett Communications who travels to your event site to implement and coordinate the ARS. We also instantly archive and securely store your audience data for easy access in the future.

Call or click today for a complimentary, completely itemized quote and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your audience polling system is provided by competent professionals with a proven track record who are actual employees of our respected ARS company.