Efficient, Reliable Audience Research Methods From Padgett Communications

Audience Research Methods

Audience research methods have evolved over the decades, and Padgett Communications has helped perfect them with our cutting-edge audience response system (ARS) methods. Using secure radio frequency transmissions coupled with state-of-the-art wireless handheld devices, our clients have achieved a 100 percent success rate in meetings of all sizes around the world. Event planners who value world class client care return again and again to Padgett, the leader in ARS technology since 1995.

Old audience research methods were time-consuming and ponderous – pass out the surveys, pass out the pencils, and hope you receive enough feedback to make up a representative sample. Even if you gave out a website address and asked meeting participants to fill out an online form, there never was a guarantee that they’d do it. How, then, to make sure you receive as much information as possible, to ensure accurate, usable information?

With Padgett Communications, audience feedback is instantaneous. Questions are asked, responses are input through a wireless handheld device, and the results are posted immediately while being instantly archived and stored on one of our secure servers. How you compile and display the information is determined beforehand, with options including:

  • Traditional Q & A
  • Interactive games
  • Elections (parliamentary based software)
  • Learning measurement
  • Individual or team tracking
  • X-Y mapping
  • Much more

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