Advanced, Easy-to-Use Audience Response Devices from Padgett Communications

Audience Response DevicesThe audience response devices provided by Padgett Communications are designed for reliability and ease of use. The last thing an event planner wants is for the meeting or conference to be derailed by equipment malfunction. The second-to-last thing would be for an unnecessarily complicated user interface to ruin the best-laid plans. Our keypads and touchpads eliminate those concerns, and we’ll send an on-site project manager to your event to make sure everything runs exactly as expected from start to finish.

The audience response devices we furnish operate on a secure radiofrequency signal, which makes them much more reliable than smart phones that rely on inconsistent wireless or cellular signals. They are constructed of sturdy molded plastic and are customizable with your company or event logo. They fit comfortably in the hand, and the interfaces are extremely intuitive. Here are the four types of hand-held devices we offer, along with a few unique details that might help you figure out the best choice for your event or meeting:

  • Padgett Worldwide − the most popular option, includes 13 numeric keys, three programmable “soft” keys, and an easy-to-use display used to confirm that a response was received
  • Padgett Plus − includes the functionality of the Worldwide, with added features such as multi-digit entry, increased range for multiple-room voting ability, and an alarm function that sounds when the device is out of voting range
  • Padgett Mini − includes the important features of the larger audience response devices, with lanyard connection for convenience and mobility
  • Padgett Ativa − includes a customizable LCD touch screen, a full color display, and offline operation capability

Our audience response devices can be rented for events and meetings as small as a conference room, and as large as a hockey arena. To learn more, or for a completely itemized quote for your next event, meeting or conference, click or call today.