Reliable Audience Response Devices and Pre-Event Rehearsals

Audience Response Devices RehearsalsOne reason Padgett Communications has enjoyed a 100 percent success rate after providing audience response devices for more than 10,000 meetings since 1995 is the meticulous care our on-site project managers take when it comes to preparation. In addition to planning every detail long before the day of the event, the on-site project manager can conduct a rehearsal several hours before the event is scheduled to begin. This usually goes far beyond the usual sound and light check.

We make everything having to do with our audience response system checks out perfectly, because even the smallest glitch can ruin an otherwise flawless presentation. The rehearsal is conducted to reveal any potential issues that could cause a momentary embarrassment in the midst of the presentation. In the hours leading up to the presentation, your program manager will make sure that:

  • All audience response devices are functioning correctly
  • All other audio and video equipment is functioning properly
  • The presentation options you selected are in place and working correctly
  • The archival and instant data storage system is ready
  • The radio frequency transmitter is operational
  • Your program is flexible enough to make changes on the fly, if needed
  • All contingencies are taken into account

Don’t misinterpret our attention to detail for worry, however. Padgett Communications’ audience response devices are as reliable as any ARS hardware you will find in the industry. They operate on a robust radio frequency, which is far preferable to the sometimes spotty wireless and cellular signals used with smart phone voting. The rehearsal is simply another example of the level of customer service that separates Padgett from other ARS providers.

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