Audience Response to Your Product Collected & Instantly Archived by a Padgett Audience Response Device

Audience Response Product Response DeviceIf you collect audience response to your product through focus groups or other kinds of meetings or events, you know that the quality of the data you gather often depends on the quality of the response device you give to your meeting attendees. That’s why you need Padgett Communications by your side. We are the worldwide leader in audience response system (ARS) rental and on-site implementation. Our equipment, software, and people are as reliable as you’ll ever find in the event planning industry.

Effective data gathering and instant presentation need not be complicated. When you get down to it, it’s basically a conversation between you and the audience members and other participants in your live event or meeting. An ARS from Padgett Communications will get the conversation started, using the latest technology in hand-held keypads, high-end software, and a seemingly endless variety of ways to publicly present the information, including:

  • Vertical bar charts
  • Horizontal bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Multiple-choice answers
  • Priority ranking applications
  • X-Y mapping application with a scatter gram
  • Much more

You’ll find no better ARS provider than Padgett, the worldwide leader in the audience feedback industry. We’ve been at the forefront of the ARS business since 1995, and our deep list of completely satisfied Fortune 500 clients is only one indication of that. What sets us apart – one of the main reasons we’re the ARS provider of choice for many daytime and prime time nationally syndicated television talk shows – is our commitment to unparalleled customer service. We care deeply about the success of each and every event we handle, and we’re proud to say we’ve never failed a single customer. Our hands-on customer service always includes:

  • On-site service and support, overseen by a personal project manager
  • Rehearsal and equipment checks, including checking audience site lines and the acoustic integrity of the auditorium or conference room
  • Detailed, itemized quotes with no hidden charges
  • Professional, personalized communication and collaboration from start to finish
  • Instant archiving and secure storage of audience feedback data for easy access later on

Call or click today to learn more about the many ways we can help facilitate effective, useful audience response to your product, using an advanced, reliable response device from Padgett Communications.