Audience Response System Solutions from Padgett Communications

Audience Response SystemWith Padgett Communications on board for your next event, your audience response system will perform exactly as it should. We can promise that because we will be right there, on-site, to make sure it does. No matter where in the world your event is held and no matter what the purpose, an on-site project manager from Padgett Communications will be right by your side to:

  • Set up the equipment
  • Install the software
  • Set up the display and data measurement systems
  • Conduct the rehearsal
  • Prepare for any contingency
  • Change the program on the fly, if needed

This is the kind of hands-on, personalized attention that has helped Padgett get to and stay at the top of the ARS industry since 1995. We know that reputations can be made or broken based on the success of a big event. The smallest glitch can ruin an otherwise perfect presentation, and that small glitch is what will be remembered. The bottom line is, we know that when you look good, our audience response system looks good. That’s why we believe it’s important to be there in person, to ensure perfection.

And what does perfection look like when it comes to an audience response system? It means no equipment malfunction. No weak or spotty wireless signals. No worries about software incompatibility or failure. No lost data. It means none of the drawbacks of the do-it-yourself ARS you find with smartphones or a meeting in a box. Your project manager will take the time to get to know your company and design a unique audience response system plan tailored to fit your event or meeting, no matter how big or small. We help you determine the best way for your presenters to interact with your audience members, as well as the most effective way to display, report, instantly archive, and securely store your results.

When you incorporate our industry-leading ARS technology into your event, our commitment doesn’t end at the planning stage. Padgett Communications is right there with you, from start to finish, to ensure flawless performance from your audience response systemClick or call today to receive a completely itemized quote for your next event.