Using an Audience Response System to Gather and Archive Demographic Data

Audience Response SystemGathering and archiving demographic data about an audience or focus group is easier with an audience response system from Padgett Communications. Also, the demographic information you gather from your event attendees can be used in real time to reinforce a point, demonstrate patterns, or any purpose you desire. Rather than sort the respondents and responses by age, ethnicity, gender, or other demographic data after the fact, using our audience interaction system to compile this information instantly − and actually incorporate it into the presentation that moment − can be a powerful tool.

How does an audience response system from Padgett Communications work? For purposes of gathering demographic information, it can be as simple as leading a presentation with a series of multiple-choice questions for attendees to answer. It should be made clear to attendees that the information will be used for analysis purposes, and that it will be stored securely on Padgett Communications’ servers, ensuring complete privacy.

As the presentation proceeds with industry- or organization-related questions, your on-site Padgett Communications project manager can have the audience response system software programmed and ready to present the results broken down by relevant demographic groupings. Depending on how you intend to utilize the data, you might wish to display the information in graphical form as a means to shed light on a particular topic or to give your audience a greater understanding of a how the point of view regarding a certain issue is affected by age, race, gender or other defining characteristics.

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