Audience Response Systems Using PowerPoint™ Add-ins From Padgett Communications

Many do-it-yourself audience response systems (ARS) tout their ability to incorporate audience feedback into your PowerPoint™ presentation. That’s all well and good, until you realize that you actually have to do it yourself. Only then do you discover that the “meeting in a box” that seemed like such a good value upfront may, in fact, end up costing much more than you anticipated in terms of wasted time and lost data. Hardware can malfunction and software can crash. What then?

Avoid the potential pitfalls of do-it-yourself ARS by using audience response systems from Padgett Communications. We offer seamless PowerPoint™ integration with our audience polling technology, incorporating your existing presentation into our customizable software to create an even more dynamic, powerful ARS production. And if you choose to purchase ARS equipment from Padgett, a PowerPoint™ plug-in is available.

However, the true benefit of choosing Padgett Communications as your ARS provider is world-class client care. Nowhere else will you find the level of service we are proud to provide, including:

  • A full-time Padgett employee assigned to manage your event, from beginning to end.
  • Pre-event planning to determine which of Padgett Communications™ many meeting applications can best serve your needs.
  • On-site responsibility for setup, coordination, and troubleshooting, including pre-event rehearsal.
  • A track record proven by a 100 percent success rate at thousands of events around the globe since the company was founded in 1995.

Click or call today to learn how to energize your audience and maximize your ability to compile and analyze feedback data with an audience response system from Padgett Communications. We’ll be happy to provide a free, completely itemized quote for your next event.