Audience Response System PriceAudience Response System – The Price of Failure

Choosing an audience response system (ARS) provider based solely on price leaves you vulnerable to embarrassing glitches that can permanently harm your company’s reputation. Cut-rate ARS means one thing: cut-rate customer service. You may pay less in the short-term, but your business may suffer indefinitely from the cost of failure. What you need from an ARS provider is value, reliability, and a professional approach that reflects your company’s high standards. You need a company that consistently receives glowing audience response system reviews. What you need is Padgett Communications.

As you weigh the factors of choosing an audience response system – including price – consider the following questions:

  • Is the quote complimentary and comprehensive?
  • Does the provider use trained, dependable, full-time staff?
  • Am I being offered 100 percent reliable, user-friendly, field-tested equipment?
  • Are the technological know-how, participant capacity, and experience of the provider compatible with my goals and ideas?
  • Can the ARS company provide names of reputable clients who have been 100 percent satisfied with past events?

Padgett Communications unflinchingly responds “yes” to all of the above. Personalized customer service and cutting-edge technology are our hallmarks. Since entering the ARS field in 1995, we’ve delivered 100 percent success for thousands of events, big and small, around the globe. Click or call today to find out what makes Padgett Communications a worldwide leader in the ARS industry.