Audience Response System Rental Equipment for Company Interactive Game Shows & More

Audience Response System RentalThe audience response system rental equipment and software from Padgett Communications can help liven up any event or meeting with ice-breaking techniques such as interactive game shows, group or individual trivia contests, thought-provoking question-and-answer sessions, and more. The more creative the questions and presentation methods, the more likely the audience will be to engage. A big part of our service at Padgett is to learn as much as possible about your organization and your event goals, then customize your audience response program accordingly.

An interactive audience response system rental from Padgett will help promote team building and is an effective method for gathering data and delivering feedback to attendees. Questions can be delivered as multiple choice, true/false or yes/no format, and can also have a related point value to keep score. Correct or incorrect answers and percentages can be displayed graphically with a wide variety of formats. If you are keeping score, individual or team standings can be displayed after each question or following each round. Audience analysis displays the individuals or groups that have the best knowledge retention, and also reveal areas that might need more attention.

The fun of interactive audience games can be contagious. It enlivens the audience and facilitates engagement. It also helps improve team morale long after the meeting has ended. Our audience response system rental services are ideal for:

  • Audience surveys
  • Employee feedback
  • Team building
  • Education and training
  • Sales meetings
  • Focus groups
  • New product testing
  • Breakout sessions
  • Strategic planning
  • Entertainment events
  • Medical advisory groups

Since 1995, Padgett has delivered 100 percent client satisfaction at more than 10,000 meetings and events around the world. Click or call to learn more, or to request a complimentary, completely itemized quote for your next event, meeting, or conference.