Audience Polling Equipment From Padgett Communications

Audience polling equipment from Padgett Communications is a proven way to keep your participants involved and entertained and to capture quantifiable data quickly, easily, and reliably. The right audience response system (ARS) will complement your Audience Polling Equipmentpresentation and leave you with greater insight into the collective views of your audience whether they’re colleagues, employees, or potential clients.

Padgett Communications offers three keypad options, each with its own distinct advantages:

  • Worldwide® our most popular keypad, the sleek Reply® Worldwide allows up to 10 unique answer options and an easy-to-read LED display for immediate feedback.
  • Plus® this keypad expands on the Worldwide and offers even more options for audience response, including a two-line LCD display and up to 20 answer options with numeric input. The Plus also has a secure log-in feature that allows for multiple-room voting ability.
  • Mini® incorporates the most important features of audience polling equipment into a small package that can hang from a lanyard. This simple keypad is perfect for stadiums or classrooms and allows up to five answer options.

In addition to a hand-held device for every meeting participant “no matter how big or small your gathering” Padgett Communications® audience polling equipment includes one Base Station per 250 keypads, a copy of value-added application software, and modular carrying cases ranging from nylon bags to rugged shipping cases with perimeter clasps. When you hire Padgett for your next event, rest assured that no detail will be overlooked.

Call or click today for an itemized quote and to learn more about how Padgett’s creative uses for our state of-the-art audience polling system technology can take audience feedback to the next level.