Choose an Audience Response System with Reliable Clickers for Your Upcoming Event

Audience Response System ClickersAn audience response system (ARS) with easy-to-use clickers can be an excellent way to collect data from guests at a conference or large-scale meeting or event. At Padgett Communications, we understand this better than anyone, and that is why we’re proud to provide state-of-the-art ARS equipment capable of turning ordinary meetings and events into extraordinary, memorable ones.

Using the audience response systems, which feature reliable handheld clickers, from Padgett Communications at your event, conference, or meeting is an especially easy process. Here’s what the progression of events will be like in a nutshell:

  • Each attendee will be provided with one of our state-of-the-art handheld clickers
  • You will then pose informational questions, administer quizzes, or facilitate fun, engaging games with the attendees
  • Data and information will be transmitted electronically and recorded in one central place, allowing you to easily make sense of it all

When you choose to hire Padgett Communications, you won’t just receive ARS equipment and be left to figure things on your own. You’ll benefit from having one of our project managers on-site to provide assistance throughout the process. This individual will set up all equipment, install all software, ensure that everything is in working order prior to the start of the event, and remain alongside you throughout the event to provide ARS service support to guarantee that everything goes according to plan.

For further information regarding our audience response system rentals and handheld clickers that we can rent to you for your event or conference, as well as the comprehensive services that we’ll provide for you, please contact Padgett Communications today. A representative from our team will be pleased to gather additional information regarding your specific ARS needs and provide you with an itemized pricing quote.