Audience Voting Systems from Padgett Communications

After surveying an audience, do you hate spending countless hours looking through and recording handwritten or e-mailed responses, trying to make sense of the information? Instead of individually sorting through the audience’s responses to create usable data, simplify things with an audience voting system from Padgett.

With Padgett Communications, you can ask an entire audience a question at once, and in seconds, have the organized responses you need at your fingertips. Our audience response system, or ARS, technology takes the grunt work out of hand-tallying survey responses and puts the fun back in meetings. When you hire Padgett to run the audience voting portion of your event, all of the responses and information will also be backed up on the Padgett servers, so there is no chance of a losing any information or fidelity.

Commonly referred to as the “Padgett Gadget” by Dr. Phil McGraw on his television show, our audience voting handheld keypads and software allow Dr. Phil and all of our clients to poll audiences and see the responses immediately. You, too, can use an audience voting system from Padgett Communications to ask employees, clients, and other groups of all sizes, up to 25,000 people, important questions and see their responses in real time. To better organize your information, our systems allow you to easily separate your audience into segments, based on:

  • The geographic location they’re from
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income level
  • Many more options up to you

Call or click today to receive a free, itemized quote from Padgett Communications. One of our project managers will work personally with you to help you decide which of our hand-held keypads and audience voting software is right for your company.