Audience Response System Clickers and Full-Service Support from Padgett Communications

Audience Response System ClickersRenting audience response system clickers for your organization’s next event is an excellent way to increase audience engagement. However, there is a significant risk to choosing a company that simply provides a box of equipment and leaves you to figure out the rest on your own. For example, software glitches can threaten to stall your event or cause the loss of valuable data. Fortunately, Padgett Communications offers organizations around the globe with a virtually risk- and hassle-free audience response solution. In fact, we have maintained a 100 percent success rate after working at countless events since 1995.

The key to our incredible level of success is that we provide comprehensive service in addition to high quality clickers. We will send an experienced project manager to the location of your event who will set up your equipment, familiarize you with using our system, ensure all monitors are easily viewable by your audience, and remain on site during your event for troubleshooting and to make on-the-fly changes.

Additionally, Padgett Communications offers a range of audience response clickers, making it easy for our customers to find an option that suits their needs. These include:

  • Padgett Mini – A small keypad that is perfect for basic yes/no and multiple choice questions
  • Padgett Worldwide – Features a sleek design with an easy-to-read display that confirms response selections
  • Padgett Plus – Features multiple selection capabilities and a unique login feature to securely register users
  • Padgett Ativa – An advanced system with a full color, touchscreen display.

If you would like to learn more about how Padgett Communications can help your organization’s next event go off without a hitch, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you choose the audience response system clickers that will meet your needs, and we can also provide you with an itemized quote for our services.