How Audio Video (AV) Companies Benefit From Working With Padgett Communications

Padgett Communications is pleased to work closely with audio-video (AV) companies to provide a rich, engaging audience response experience for meeting and event attendees around the world. Whether you represent an in-house AV company or work independently, allowing Padgett Communications to handle all aspects of the audience response system (ARS) will free you up to focus on everything else you need to do for a perfect production.

AV companies need to please their clients, of course, and one way to make that happen is to make absolutely sure that the ARS service is worry- and glitch-free. Padgett Communications has achieved a 100 percent client satisfaction rate at more than 10,000 meetings worldwide since entering the ARS field in 1995. That kind of customer satisfaction isn’t easy to come by, but our commitment to world-class client care demands nothing less than perfection. That’s why we never leave the set up, rehearsal, and other implementation in the hands of a freelance contractor. Padgett’s project managers are always Padgett employees – we’ll come to you, and we’ll stand by you from start to finish.

Using the latest in hand-held keypad technology to encourage audience interaction, Padgett Communications can help:

  • Maintain audience engagement and involvement
  • Quickly build audience consensus
  • Streamline data compilation and archiving
  • Present poll results instantly
  • Illustrate complicated topics simply
  • And More

If you would like to find out first-hand what makes Padgett Communications the preferred ARS provider for AV companies worldwide, call or click today. We’ll provide a complimentary, completely itemized quote for your next event.