The Drawbacks Of Using A Meeting In A Box For Your Next Event

It may sound like the most convenient audience response system (ARS) solution in the world – simply order the equipment, software, and instruction booklet and let that do-it-yourself spirit take over. Yet, the potential drawbacks of the “meeting in a box” approach to ARS are so numerous that they easily dispel the illusion of convenience.

You are busy to begin with, which means you certainly don’t need to devote more time than absolutely necessary to ARS for your next event. And if something goes wrong, who do you think they’ll come to for answers? That’s right – you. Then, heaven forbid a major ARS calamity strikes. Your reputation could take an irreparable hit.

Instead of taking the chance on a “meeting in a box,” check your ARS concerns at the door with one phone call to Padgett Communications. As a worldwide leader in the ARS industry, we’ve made top-flight client care our priority since 1995. As it happens, we’ve achieved a 100 percent success rate at thousands of events of all sizes around the world. That kind of reliability and professionalism can’t be found in a box. It can be found at Padgett, though, along with:

  • Reliable, state-of-the-art, user-friendly handheld keypads
  • A full-time project manager, trained and employed by Padgett Communications
  • On-site responsibility for setup, coordination, and troubleshooting
  • Pre-event planning to determine which of Padgett Communications’ many meeting applications can best serve your needs
  • Instant archiving and permanent storage of data for easy access in the future
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your ARS needs are being met by competent professionals with a proven track record
  • Cost certainty with a completely itemized quote

Click or call today to learn more about how ARS service from Padgett Communications trumps a “meeting in a box” every time.