Discover How an Electronic Ballot Rental from Padgett Communications Can Organize & Streamline Your Organization’s Next Election

Electronic BallotIf you’re looking to incorporate an electronic ballot into your organization’s next election cycle, allow Padgett Communications to be of service. We proudly rent some of the finest voting software on the market, capable of helping your organization fill all of its election-related needs, regardless of how big they may be.

In addition to providing you with electronic ballot software and the corresponding wireless keypads to allow your organization’s members cast their votes, we’ll also provide you with a dedicated personal project manager who will offer assistance throughout the event. Specifically, our project manager will:

  • Set up the electronic ballot software and ensure that it works with the available projector screens, monitors, or visual displays at the venue
  • Walk you through the Padgett election process and help to familiarize you with all that our technology is capable of doing
  • Distribute all handheld keypads to your organization’s members at the time of the election
  • Assist you throughout the election, making necessary changes on the fly and ensuring that all data is accurately recorded and securely stored

To learn more about the electronic ballot rentals offered by Padgett Communications to organizations across the globe, and how they can be beneficial when managing an election, please contact us today. A representative from the Padgett team will be here to assist you throughout the rental process, including providing you with a fully itemized quote of all that you plan to rent for your election.