Electronic Voting Simplified for Organizations of All Types & Sizes

Electronic VotingIf you’re interested in renting electronic voting systems and software for an upcoming election within your organization, allow Padgett Communications to provide all the equipment, software, and service you need. We’ll be happy to completely handle all of your election requirements, regardless of how large or small your organization is.

Beyond supplying you with exceptional electronic voting systems, Padgett Communications will ensure that the entire election experience with our team is as smooth as possible. For example, we’ll provide you with one of our personal project managers, who will assist in:

  • Installing the electronic voting software on site and ensuring that all video boards, monitors, and projector displays are properly functioning and can be seen throughout the venue
  • Providing a pre-election walk-through to familiarize you on how Padgett voting software works, giving you added confidence for the main event
  • Distributing all handheld keypads to your members before the election, ensuring that the right individuals receive the right devices
  • Working behind the scenes to accommodate for any modifications that need to be made during the election, while making sure that data is being recorded and stored safely

For additional information in regard to the electronic voting systems and services that Padgett Communications lends to organizations all over the world, please contact us today. When you do, we’ll gather all your specific wants and needs for a voting system rental and provide you with an itemized quote for everything you’ll be renting from us.