Renting Electronic Voting Systems Can Be Beneficial for Conferences and Events Across the Globe

Electronic Voting SystemsAre you looking to incorporate electronic voting systems into an upcoming event, conference, or company-wide meeting as a reliable way to collect data and information that can be harbored in one easy-to-access place? If so, turn to Padgett Communications. We proudly supply state-of-the-art audience voting systems that can turn a regular, ordinary meeting or conference into one that is especially engaging.

The electronic voting systems that we offer for rent are ideal for:

  • Collecting market research data
  • Completing paperless surveys
  • Employee training sessions
  • Administering fun, interactive games
  • Facilitating quizzes in a classroom learning environment
  • Receiving input from employees at corporate meetings
  • And so much more – the possibilities are virtually endless

No matter the size of your event or where in the world it is taking place, we’ll send one of our dedicated, experienced project managers along with our equipment to provide comprehensive ARS services for you to ensure a successful, fun, and engaging time is had by all. This project manager will set up all polling equipment and display systems, install our software, and provide you with a pre-event rehearsal to familiarize you with the process. And, your project manager will be there with you for the duration of the event to make certain that nothing goes awry.

To find out more about the electronic voting systems available from Padgett Communications and the tailored, comprehensive services that we will provide for you, please contact us today. We’ll be pleased to offer you a consultation and provide an itemized quote for your electronic voting system needs.