Audience Polling System From Padgett Communications

An audience polling system from Padgett Communications transforms a mundane meeting into an interactive, productive information session by promoting give-and-take between presenters and attendees. With Padgett Communications audience polling equipment at your disposal, you’ll never again wonder if your meeting’s primary message was received and understood.

The audience response system (ARS) experts from Padgett Communications work closely with meeting coordinators to pre-determine the best ways to use an audience polling system to compile and present data to attendees. The possibilities are virtually limitless, including:

  • Multiple choice application – easily recognized and understood by all levels of employees and participants; excellent for comparison and contrast with past responses
  • Priority ranking application – attendees rank a number of selections over a series of voting rounds, with data compiled and presented using a points system
  • X-Y mapping application – plot multiple issues and criteria using a scattergram
  • Pie chart – effective for “yes” and “no” or demographic questions
  • Vertical bar chart – a standard histogram is ideal when there are many possible answers to a question
  • Pencil chart – uses cylinders, rather than bars, to illustrate data; good for variety in the presentation
  • Horizontal bar chart – used most often when possible responses are listed below one another, rather than side by side

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