Interactive Audience Polling with Secure Data Archiving

Interactive Audience Polling ArchivingOne of the many advantages of the interactive polling system from Padgett Communications is secure, instant collection and archiving of all the data generated during the meeting or conference. This means that all of the information that can be immediately displayed and acted upon during the course of the event is securely stored for easy access later, with no extra effort necessary on your part. Never again will you need to waste time collating post-event questionnaires. Instead, your valuable time can be used to evaluate the results that emerge from the meeting and take action.

The amount of information that can come out of interactive audience polling, even a relatively small meeting, can be staggering. But it only becomes truly useful in its proper context, which means detailed analysis after the fact is sometimes required. With the Padgett system, audience data results that are instantly archived and stored save time, money, and effort and simplify the analysis process. It’s one of the many valuable facets of the audience response system (ARS) service offered by Padgett Communications, which has achieved a 100 percent success rate with more than 10,000 meetings since 1995. The archived and stored audience feedback data can be used for market research, future analysis, tracking changes, and more.

The data presentation formats available are virtually endless, including:

  • Comma-separated values (CSV) format
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • PDF files
  • Web pages
  • And more

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