Advanced Interactive Audience Technologies Available from Padgett Communications

Interactive Audience Technologies If you’re thinking about using interactive audience technologies and trying to decide which option is best for your organization’s upcoming meeting or event, your search can end with Padgett Communications. We have an unrivaled reputation for providing state-of-the-art audience response systems as well as first-class customer support.

At Padgett Communications, we’re able to meet virtually any organization’s unique needs by offering a wide variety of handheld interactive audience technologies, including:

  • Padgett Mini – This small, simple device has five response keys, making it the best option for presentations that involve asking the audience yes/no and multiple choice questions.
  • Padgett Worldwide – This sleek clicker is capable of more complex responses and has “soft keys” to alert the presenter when an audience member has a question or comment.
  • Padgett Plus – This is the best device for voting applications because it has a secure login feature and multi-selection capabilities.
  • Padgett Ativa – This is the industry’s most advanced response device. It has a full color touchscreen display and a QWERTY keyboard.

Providing advanced audience response technology is only part of all we offer our customers. By sending an account manager to your location to handle everything from equipment setup to troubleshooting, we ensure your event will go smoothly from start to finish. This comprehensive approach has enabled us to maintain a 100 percent success rate since 1995.

For more information about the interactive audience technologies we provide for organizations around the globe, contact Padgett Communications today. We’ll help you determine which system best suits your needs and provide you with a fully itemized price quote.